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September 20, 2012

The farewell episode of the Showtime series features a flash forward and brief appearances of some former cast members.

WEEDS had its swan song aired on Sunday, September 16. The one-hour series finale flashed eight years into the future to show the end of storylines for the Botwins [SPOILER ALERT!]  View all content of this post »

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September 20, 2012

Just added in the gallery 2 sets of candid photos featuring Mary-Louise Parker with her kids from last month. Enjoy!


Gallery Links:
(x028) – Candids > [2012] Walking around Hollywood with her kids – August 09
(x016) – Candids > [2012] With her son William and her daughter Caroline arriving at LAX Airport – August 20

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September 20, 2012

Mary-Louise was seen in Los Angeles on July 03, shopping with friends at Fred Segal. Check out the images below.



Gallery Link:
(x020) – Candids > [2012] Shopping with friends at Fred Segal – July 03

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August 30, 2012

After eight years, the actress reveals the sadness in saying goodbye to Nancy Botwin.

There are only a few more episodes before “Weeds” goes up in smoke for good, and Mary-Louise Parker’s considered going out with her first real toke.

With Showtime’s long-running series about a pot-dealing suburban mom nearing the end of it’s eighth and final season, Parker reveals her conflicted feelings about the finale, her son’s unique idea of a way to keep the show on the air, the love and respect she has for working in television and how she’s mulling an apropos celebration of the last episode.

Do you love the television format? And did you feel that way coming into the show?

I do, I love it. And I did [feel that way]. I’d done “West Wing.” That was the only other television that I’d done and I mostly always only liked theater because I feel like movies, if there’s any kind of a budget whatsoever there’s so much sitting and I really like to work. My blood sugar, otherwise it just drops, like six hours sitting in a camper and I’d rather work. I’m there to work and collaborate. So movies to me are not my favorite.

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May 28, 2012

I’m sorry I haven’t updated in almost 2 months or more. I’m really busy with work & others. But I promise to update very very SOON.

- Mary-Louise Parker Source

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January 3, 2012


After a couple of months, we finally have a brand new layout! Huge thanks to Christine from Pinkchaos.org for designing it!

- I really adore this new layout ?

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