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Sep 21
 High Quality RED 2 Teaser Poster
   // AUTHOR: Perla • CATEGORY: Gallery, Movies, NewsComments Off

In 2010, the movie adaptation of the comic book RED became a sleeper hit, amassing nearly $200 million worldwide and eventually stood as the biggest non-Twilight hit domestically for Summit Entertainment. Unsurprisingly, a follow-up was announced that would see a reteaming of our wise-cracking geriatric spies and now a teaser poster for RED 2 has been released.

Bruce Willis, John Malcovich, Helen Mirren and Mary-Louise Parker are all returning along with newcomers Anthony Hopkins, Catherine Zeta Jones and Byung-Hun Lee (Storm Shadow from the “G.I. Joe” films) being added to the mix. It has yet to be revealed if Karl Urban or Brian Cox will hop on board for the sequel.

Plot details have been hard to come by so far but rumours have the burned spies heading to Europe (Moldova anyone?) to take on some new foes. RED 2 is being directed by Dean Parisot (Galaxy Quest) with a screenplay from Erich and Jon Hoeber, who wrote the script for the original RED.

Speaking of the original, RED was a blast from beginning to end and worked really well as both a slick, fun action movie and as a comedy thanks to the talents of its well-matched cast. Hopefully with most of the major players returning and some fresh blood being injected as well, the follow-up will be just as successful.

RED 2 is scheduled for release on August 2, 2013.

Source: ComingSoon

Sep 21
 MLP Is Selling Her NYC Duplex Apartment For $7,000,000
   // AUTHOR: Perla • CATEGORY: NewsComments Off

Mary-Louise Parker has put her classic New York City duplex on the market for $7 million. The Greenwich Village property includes several rooms — five bedrooms, four and a half bathrooms, a double living room, a dining room, and a den — plus stunning views of the Big Apple landmarks. Get a glimpse inside this gorgeous duplex and see the five finest features of Mary-Louise’s traditional-meets-modern space.

Read more here.

Sep 20
 MLP Talks About The End Of Weeds
   // AUTHOR: Perla • CATEGORY: News, Tv, WeedsComments Off

‘There was some sort of benediction,’ says Mary-Louise Parker

“Weeds” came to an end Sunday night (Sept. 16), having followed the Botwin family and their band of cohorts for eight seasons. Star Mary-Louise Parker says she thought the series finale was beautiful.

“I just cried when I read it. I think it’s beautiful. [Creator Jenji Kohan] managed to bring things together in a way that was really satisfying for me except for the fact that it was an end because, you know, I think most of us are sad about that. I think she just managed to bring things together in a way that wasn’t necessarily a completely—she didn’t sort of make it a total happily-ever-after thing, but there was hope in it, and there was some sort of benediction, I felt like.”

What did you think of Weeds’ series finale? Was it a fitting end for the story of Nancy Botwin? Will you miss this series on Showtime?


Sep 20
 Weeds Goodbye
   // AUTHOR: Perla • CATEGORY: News, Tv, WeedsComments Off

The farewell episode of the Showtime series features a flash forward and brief appearances of some former cast members.

WEEDS had its swan song aired on Sunday, September 16. The one-hour series finale flashed eight years into the future to show the end of storylines for the Botwins [SPOILER ALERT!]  View all content of this post »

Aug 30
 Showtime’s ‘Weeds’ to end this year
   // AUTHOR: Perla • CATEGORY: News, WeedsComments Off

After eight years, the actress reveals the sadness in saying goodbye to Nancy Botwin.

There are only a few more episodes before “Weeds” goes up in smoke for good, and Mary-Louise Parker’s considered going out with her first real toke.

With Showtime’s long-running series about a pot-dealing suburban mom nearing the end of it’s eighth and final season, Parker reveals her conflicted feelings about the finale, her son’s unique idea of a way to keep the show on the air, the love and respect she has for working in television and how she’s mulling an apropos celebration of the last episode.

Do you love the television format? And did you feel that way coming into the show?

I do, I love it. And I did [feel that way]. I’d done “West Wing.” That was the only other television that I’d done and I mostly always only liked theater because I feel like movies, if there’s any kind of a budget whatsoever there’s so much sitting and I really like to work. My blood sugar, otherwise it just drops, like six hours sitting in a camper and I’d rather work. I’m there to work and collaborate. So movies to me are not my favorite.

View all content of this post »

Apr 13
 Face Time: MLP and Charlie Mars
   // AUTHOR: Perla • CATEGORY: Article, Interview, NewsComments Off

Tina Turnbow is a professional makeup artist who is known for lending her celebrity clients editorial polish.

I recently had the pleasure of working with the lovely Mary Louise Parker and her musician boyfriend, Charlie Mars. Mary Louise is about to roll into her seventh season of “Weeds,” and she’s looking as beautiful as ever. I thought we’d take a minute to scoop up some informative beauty bits.

T: Any ideas as to what you might attribute your good looks to?

MLP: No. 1: good genes. My mother is a beauty. Other than that, I would have to say clean living and being moderate about everything. No heavy partying, drinking or drugs. I just want to make lunches and organize my kids’ playroom.

T: How about your diet? Do you think that is a contributing factor?

MLP: I do love my avocados, which are great for the skin. I eat pretty healthfully. My father passed away not long ago from colon cancer. It was a wake-up call to start paying attention to what goes in my body, and on it, as well. I am eating a mostly vegan diet right now. I am also trying to stay away from products containing parabens.

T: Do you think being religious about your skin care regimen is important?

MLP: I think consistency is key. I use sunblock on the kids and me, all the time. I really like Epicuren Skincare. And their kids’ line, Episencial, which is green and organic.

T: Any other products you use consistently?

MLP: Oh yes — the Prevage line of products, by Elizabeth Arden. I don’t know what they do, but my face just doesn’t feel the same when I don’t use them. I just tried Collective Wellbeing’s Hot Pore Scrub, in the shower, and it’s so good! It warms up in your hands and then polishes and purifies.

T: As a result, your skin is a flawless canvas on which to apply makeup. What are some of your favorite cosmetics?

MLP: I love all things Tarte! Their new Amazonian Clay products, and the LipSurgence lip colors, are fantastic. I also use Benefit Posietint and Dandelion Blush. Jouer Cosmetics (they’re available at Sephora) makes my favorite cream eyeshadow, in Organza. Lately, I’m into Cargo tinted moisturizer, and their cheek activator. It’s a white cream that you rub into your cheeks, and somehow it becomes the perfect flush.

T: Have you had any beauty mishaps lately?

MLP: Yes. Not trusting my instincts — letting my vanity take over — and having the Brazilian Straightening Treatment. I’ve experienced hair fall-out in the past, and it is not fun. This treatment resulted in more. My advice: don’t do it!

T: What are some pleasurable treats for you?

MLP: I enjoy cooking and baking. Alicia Silverstone’s vegan cookbook is awesome. I love going to Angelica’s Kitchen and Liquiteria, both in the East Village. Also, I love going to the bookstore Three Lives and Company. And reading the poetry of Bob Hicok and Mark Strand. I enjoy writing for Esquire magazine. And listening to my boyfriend’s music.
Charlie Mars.

T: Speaking of your boyfriend, I have a few questions for him. Charlie, what is the name of your current album?

C: It’s called “Like a Bird, Like a Plane.” I just got back from South by Southwest, which was great. I’m going to start recording a new album soon.

T: You are quite a stylish and spiffy fellow. Who are your favorite designers?

C: I really like John Varvatos, Helmut Lang and Rick Owens.

T: What are your essential grooming products?

C: I have three things I use all the time: Aveda Men’s Grooming Clay, Acqua Di Parma cologne and Tom’s of Maine deodorant.

T: Mary Louise, do you have a favorite fragrance?

MLP: A lady should never reveal her scent. It should be a mystery … all you know is that she smells good.

T: What do you always have in your large purse?

MLP: Sunscreen and dried seaweed for my daughter. She loves seaweed. And this herbal juice elixir with tumeric — amazing stuff.

T: Do you let the kids have a treat occasionally?

MLP: Of course. I want them to indulge in something they enjoy. They need to know that life is too short not to have Twizzlers.